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The Believer

The Believer

A new book from David Coggins. Central Division 151 from The Ranch at Rock Creek.

David’s new book The Believer is out today. This past week I joined him for the launch of the book at The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana. We sat down to record this podcast and talk about The Believer in detail. We also get into bigger and smaller issues surrounding the main themes in the book — travel, friendship, leisure, acquired skill, patience, our own mortality and of course fishing. This is our 151st podcast together and I think this is one of the best conversations we have had. If you have made it to this page I think it’s safe to say it’s worth your time.

I want to say that I am incredibly proud of David for this book. His perspectives in The Believer will no doubt inspire many to push themselves further — be that in fishing or just in life. I like to needle-him and crack jokes, but I think now is a good time as ever to say something serious about David —someone who has become one of the closest people in my life.

David is incredibly generous with his time, his patience (while fishing) and his support in life. He’s not just the fishing friend you want, he’s the friend friend you want. David is always the first one to celebrate a win with you, or to provide perspective in something that doesn’t go your way. He’s the best person to go on adventure with — be that to a dive bar in NYC or maybe a continent away. His generosity as a friend exists in many places, but none more than while fishing. He encourages you probably more than you deserve and takes genuine excitement when you do something well. He’s confident enough in what he’s doing to really care about your success and that shows through.

Learning to fish with him and getting to see that side of things has reveled a part of our friendship which almost transcends everything else. I’m grateful to him for giving that to me. In a way, The Believer is a similar gift to everyone who reads it. David’s great perspective on life shines through, leaving a lasting impression.

I’m lucky to benefit directly from David’s outlook and spirit as a friend. Through his writing we all get a chance for him to enrich our lives in the same way. This book is a beautiful expression of that, and I’m proud to see it out it the world. We are all better off having someone like David to blaze a trail of civility, style and adventure for us. Even if that means putting up with carrying heavy wheel-less luggage and avoiding a FaceTime chat when he’s near. In the end, it’s all very much worth it to have him in our lives.

You can read an excerpt in Esquire later this week, buy signed copies from Three Lives or come out to one of these events. 

The Believer East Coast Tour

-April 18. Filson. New York. 6pm.

-April 20. American Museum of Fly Fishing. Manchester, VT. 2pm.

-May 4. Inness. Accord, NY. 4pm.

-May 11. Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. Livingston Manor, NY. 2pm.

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