The Good Stuff.

A Continuous Lean is a first wave men’s style blog (founded in 2007) turned newsletter written by Michael Williams. The goal here is to create a place for the discovery of considered things and viewpoints.

I’m intrigued by old and often overlooked companies that make things in traditional ways. The goal is to buy less, but buy better and avoid being annoying about it all.

What is this About?

General topics of conversation: 1. men’s style, 2. heritage and traditions, 3. retail, and 4. odds & ends like watches, cars, cycling, ideas, culture, wine, golf, and gear. I will typically publish stories twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. As good conversations come up I will publish an interview podcast. Early in the week I send out a weekly chat with writer David Coggins from The Contender. My goal for the site is to publish when there are good things to talk about rather than dilute just to publish more often.

Speaking of Buying for Value.

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Editorial and Sponsorships.

Nothing included in any newsletter is paid placement and I am not compensated by any brands for coverage or inclusion in any way. I do have outside clients who pay me, but I would never include them in the newsletter because I work on their behalf — it’s a separate thing and it will stay that way. If they can’t understand that then we probably shouldn’t be working with each other. So don’t worry about that. A note related to affiliate commissions on recommended products: I don’t get them. I don’t factor affiliates into the editorial considerations, period. So know that if I am recommending something it’s because I really, actually like it. Feel free to click without cookies following you around for the rest of your life. My goal is to make the user experience the best it can be. No bullsh/t and no a**holes.

A Little Help For My Friends.

If you are a student, lost your job or just can’t afford to pay for the newsletter, email me and I will give you a free subscription no questions asked.

One Last Thing.

You can find ACL on Instagram and Twitter. There’s also a golf shop for people who like those types of things. You can find that here.

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As an advocate for the things in life with enduring longevity, Michael Williams founded A Continuous Lean in 2007. In 2020 ACL began publishing as a newsletter. A native of Cleveland, Ohio he now lives in Los Angeles.