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Zen and the Art of Tailoring

Zen and the Art of Tailoring

S02 E02: Jake Mueser

Cost and efficiency can’t be the only things that matter. Sometimes you need to take the meandering route. If one-click ordering ruled everything we do, then we would be neglected an experience like the one Jake Mueser provides at J Mueser.

In modern-day 2024 Jake doesn’t just make clothes, he becomes trusted advisor and confidant. Seeing him is akin to an executive health consultation. There might be some concerns with seeing the raw data, but trust that Jake be there with his expertise and keen eye to help you navigate any issues. Jake is like a highly sought after concierge doctor for your aesthetic soul. Like your good doctor, Jake has seen it all before.

With his easygoing ways and subtle suggestions he reminds you that your goals are aligned here. Jake is on your team, like the on-staff sports psychologist roaming the sidelines of a high stakes game helping us find our center. Jake is our guy and he’s vital to the success of our team. And by success I mean, looking good and feeling correct.

A visit to Jake on Christopher street is low-tech meets high touch in the best possible way. It’s an exercise in trust and beauty. What could be better? This week while he is working his way around Pitti Uomo in Florence, it seemed appropriate to share a conversation we had about style, tailoring and what it’s like to still do things in the traditions of the past. Hope you enjoy it.

Photo by Jamie Ferguson
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