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The Alternate Route: Ghiaia

The Alternate Route: Ghiaia

S02 E01: The ACL Pod Rises

Ghiaia is the best example of everything I could ever hope for in a brand. It’s the combination of three important attributes that make it special to me.

  • It’s Artisanal in Nature.

  • Independent

  • Has a Distinct Voice and Point of View

Ghiaia is all of those things and much more. It follows Davide’s vision closely and is true to itself. He’s not trying to be anything he’s not. Ghiaia is an honest expression of what is in Davide’s mind and his heart. It’s an expression of what he wants to say to the world and what he wants to say to himself. Put simply, this is a special thing Davide is building.

I met the founder Davide Baroncini through our mutual friend Justin Chung, and from the first conversation I knew we were going to get along. Several years later I consider Davide a dear friend and also someone who inspires me deeply. His energy is wonderful and you can’t help but to want to be around him. Perhaps that’s why his stores are so great. He’s there making coffee and telling you about each item — excited about the smallest details. In a mad world of noise, Davide is a clear voice that sails deep into your soul. Yes it’s beautiful cashmere, but it’s also so much more.

Late last month Davide opened a new shop in San Marino. I thought this would be a great opportunity to go by to take photos and share the space with you all. We sat down in the space on a Sunday morning before the store officially opened to catch up and talk about everything happening at Ghiaia. It’s a beautiful shop, a great collection and he’s a wonderful man. I hope you enjoy our conversation.


2557 Mission Street San Marino, CA 91108

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Big thanks to Al James for lending me his music. The song is: Hard Working Dogs by Dolorean.

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