I asked Richard Press (Grandson of J. Press Founder Jacobi Press) if he wanted to share a comment about Julie Hertling. He sent me this: "As beneficiary of decades taken to lunch by suit, pants maker and friend Julie Hertling, his many stories ranging from heroic wartime service on the European front post D-Day to the innards of garment making. He used to kid me, “Press is small time compared to the department stores where I rake in the big bucks.” Hope the current business bearing his honored name survives."

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Mar 3, 2021Liked by Michael Williams

Great piece here Michael.

Particularly I enjoyed your reminiscing about Julie Hertling. His personality and character made you want to do business with him.

I remember the first time I met Julie, over 30 years ago. Hertling was still making sport coats and suits at the time. We rode the elevator up to the fifth floor of their factory in Brooklyn, and toured various stages of coat construction on that floor until we rounded a corner, and there was Julie. He was leaning over the shoulder of an operator performing a sewing task, inspecting her work. It was late in the morning in July, and the factory did not have air conditioning, so it was already warming up. Julie had worn a navy suit to work that day, but by this point he had removed his suit jacket and rolled up his shirt sleeves. He was sweating. And as he peered over the shoulder of this operator, there was a bead of sweat on the very tip of his nose that I just knew was going to land in this lady's lap!

Later, we would lunch together at Peter Luger. Julie had his own table there, along with a personal account, which made it almost impossible for anyone but him to grab the check at the end of the meal. I was so impressed!

That was Julie Hertling. Equal parts hard working and supreme graciousness.

Switching gears, I see the same exact characteristics in Justin Christiansen. I am hopeful that the new move to Fall River proves to be the difference maker Justin and Hertling. The Hertling pant is of such high quality- it needs to be preserved. Here at Harrison Limited, we have been using Hertling for our khaki pant program for about 4 years.

Thanks once more, Michael, for shining your light on this great company. I personally know of the power of your influence and I am hopeful your magic touch will pay off for Justin and Hertling as well.

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Mar 4, 2021Liked by Michael Williams

I love that you do this and bring attention to these great American made businesses. Bought two pair of the Hertling pants and a pair of Moccs after the original Rancourt post. Thank you!

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Another awesome story, thanks for sharing. I'm not familiar with the brand but the chinos look really nice. I'm probably too skinny but I'll give them a shot.

I hope that Martin Greenfield is hanging in there through the pandemic: my most prized clothing possession is a Band of Outsiders suit that Martin Greenfield made for my wedding. I wish I had ordered a couple more at the time.

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Thank you for this, Michael. And thank you Justin for sharing your thoughts and hopes for Hertling. I continue to be awed by the FMA initiative and have purchased a few maks for myself and my family members. I was also fortunate to purchase a pair of trousers with a discount code from Mr. Sean Crowley. Popped-in to the site for 2 pairs of Chinos this morning via the generous Crowdfunding offer--thank you. Keep doing well by doing good.

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