On the Mend

It’s sad that so few things are deemed worthy of repair. It’s not just that so much of our material lives have become disposable, there’s also the lack of skill to actually do the repairs because so much manufacturing has consolidated in so few countries. I’ve always found factories fascinating. As a child I remember looking up to the towering steel mills in Cleveland and wondering just what goes on inside those huge buildings. That curiosity never left me and over the course of my career I’ve been lucky to walk the workshops of some of my favorite brands. I would inevitably find my way to the repair shop and hang around to see how these expert artisans can revive a pair of shoes or a jacket that is obviously beloved. These people doing the repairs are always some of the most highly skilled in the entire company. They’ve seen it all and can do it all. Watching that work being done is like falling down a rabbit hole in real life.

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