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Ralph's comment on baseball reminded me of my own son's journey. He played soccer at a very high level, from about the same age, up through travel and then the ODP program. He was 17 and came home after a tournament and said he was done. It wasn't fun for him anymore, he didn't love the game. Same feelings, same struggle, same discussion with his coaches. Walked cleanly away from the game, posters down, tv off. Done. Cold turkey. Fast forward nearly 10 years to today. He causally mentioned that he's playing in soccer league for his department. I asked him why he started to play again and he said that he always loved the game, he just decided he didn't like the competition. He needed the time to figure out what it was that was important and he can play the game now, no consequences, no need to worry about the future, just because it gave him joy and that's what mattered to him.

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Here's a couple from me.

1) Swaddling.

2) Leave your baby cry out for 10 minute periods.

3) Ebay for clothes. Babies don't wear out clothes. They grow out of them very quickly.

4) Plenty of time outdoors

5) Romping/Wrestling is fun for all.

6) Exposure to other kids/family/

7) plenty of time with grandparents.

8) let them try plenty of different foods

9) love love love.

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Here is my one bit of dad wisdom (for newborns) - my first child, (my son) had colic and screamed like a banshee for 3 months. the only advice that worked...buy a hairdryer, a loud one. from Walmart or Target. it needs to be cheap because cheap ones are loud. set it on the floor and turn it on. If you can buy one that has a cool setting even better. you don't need the heat. you are not drying anything. It's purely for noise. The womb is LOUD. Its decibel level measures as loud as a cheap hairdryer. so when screaming newborns hear a hairdryer, they are comforted by sounds of a familiar place and stop screaming. IT'S MAGIC. It also works on non-colic newborns who occasionally get a little pissy.

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This is great. Thank you.

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I loved this! At first I thought it was more tailored to new Dad’s (my twin girls are going on 11), but the more I read the more I picked up other valuable pointers on parenting older kids. I really enjoyed this kind piece and would like to see more content like this in the future. Great job!

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This is terrific! So many great and meaningful ideas here. Even for this non-dad. PS: I have an idea who sent you that package from Coterie.

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